Lost and Found: Vision

My vision is clouded and I am lost. I am not sure what I am supposed to do. I decided to pull an all-nighter so that I can wake up on time for work the following day. Honestly, I hate working on Saturday mornings. Anyways, I went to the supermarket to get some supplies for my class and along the way,  I looked down and my gas tank is almost empty. Not wanting to go to the gas station between my apartment and the supermarket (I believe they see my face too often), I decided to go to another gas station which was even farther away. I ended up passing the original gas station I avoided as I was scooting home.

The main point of this story was that I have an idea of what I wanted to do, but I will often make it longer for myself by avoiding the original plan. I am happy to know that whatever it is that I wanted to do, or vision what my future is, I will get there. I just need more confidence to follow through with my decisions because I can do it!

Believe and achieve!


4 thoughts on “Lost and Found: Vision

  1. JB West says:

    You make me laugh. Today, for once, I was going to be early for an appointment. There wasn’t enough time to do anything of substance, like run into the grocery. But there was too much time to show up early. I ended up driving a couple of miles down the main road, turned around and re-traced my route. Sometimes we are so silly. I enjoyed reading your post.


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